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Reggie Cobb


Born and raised in Savannah GA, Reggie Cobb started his career in glass work before he was old enough to drive. Working at glass companies in Savannah, Reggie moved to Florida with the girl of his dreams. He married Patricia Cobb and in 1970 founded Cobb Brothers Auto Glass with his brother Gene. Cobb Brothers Auto Glass developed into the top glass company in central Florida. After retiring in 2009 Reggie turned the company over to his son Ricky. 


Andy Cobb

President, and CEO

Andy Cobb is the president and CEO of Cobb Glass Company. Andy worked a career in public service as a law enforcement commander. Retiring in 2019 to continue the long legacy of Cobb Glass Company that was started by Andy’s grandfather Reggie. 


Ricky Cobb

President of Sales

Ricky Cobb has worked for Cobb Glass Company since the age of 16. Following in his father Reggie’s footsteps, Ricky has become a master in the art of auto glass. Ricky is one of a few professionals left that specialize in classic car window mechanism repairs and customization. Ricky is the President of Sales for Cobb Glass Company and has more than 40 years experience. 

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